Month: November 2018


System Views and Personal Views in Dynamics CRM/365

System View and Personal Views in Dynamics 365 Let’s discuss about dynamics 365 views in this blog. Dynamics 365 view is a grid filled with filtered records. It is a type of saved query.  Users can select different views to look at a subset of records of the same entity that fit into pre-specified filter conditions. A view is basically shows the filtered records.  There are two main types of view in Dynamics 365 : 1. Personal View 2. System View Now the question is which view should user create? System view or Personal View?  The answer is very simple… 

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What is the use of Publisher in Dynamics CRM?

Publisher in Dynamics 365 In this blog, we will learn how we can use solution ‘publisher’ in Dynamics CRM/365. Every solution in Dynamics CRM/365 needs a publisher. The prefix of default publisher which comes with CRM environment is ‘new’. This publisher can be used in Default solution of Dynamics CRM. User need to create a new publisher with new prefix in-order to set the new prefix to the new components. Let’s see how we can create a new publisher and use it across CRM components. To create a new publisher: Navigate to Settings >> Customizations >> Publisher >> New Add

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